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in the
ChicoJano 4 months ago
I love Angel Antonio... I want fucked for him
brody81 4 months ago
LOL I don't think the bttm was over acting with the screaming while getting fucked. little dick huge or average. If a guy has an ass and thighs as huge and muscular like that. His thrust are going to be very powerful and you're gonna feel it big time, and if his dick's huge then you're really in trouble lol<br><small>[edited]</small>
gyovanni 4 months ago
Frank i wish that was me omgod i want to be bound.Omgod i want this one.I love you frank cant wait to see you spread it. I need to smell it so bad i love the way you choke that buff muscle with toose hard nipples.Ill be gone for a week frm the net,But ill be back before the 20th cant wait to see you love you. *****stars :)
vtopmd1 4 months ago
Bttm over acts, off cue but has great ass and tits
thurston 4 months ago
Not real, but Frank goes a lot farther than ever. This dude's ass is totally amazing.
aidenmuscle 4 months ago
Is this for real? Frank actually having sex with another guy finally? Sure hope so :) Just what I been waiting to see!